Repeat Perscription

You think you need a repeat prescription,
your iridescent loneliness is smothering, I understand that
you get stuck inside your head. 

You think you’re doing something right,
working on yourself 
fixing something broken
by finding something broken to fix it. 

Fall in love with the way those little pills make you feel,
swirled around your velvet mouth
you look forward to the allotted time when you
take them.

But tolerance is a strange thing,
placebo even worse because they don't
make you feel as great after a whole
six months.

So you take two at a time,
switch at will,
different pills but none of them seem to fill
this hole inside your heart

Now you’re tense, getting angry,
throw the bottle against the wall
or down into the bin
Who needs them anyway?

But alone you feel it creeping in,
the weight of all you’ve done, 
and all you’ll do again
So you find a new repeat prescription
and again
and again.

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