My Body

My head, a circular,
galaxy of neurotransmitters and 
Of dreams connected to
deepest, darkest, thoughts.
Maths and science and my favourite poets
like planets, orbiting around
you, my sun

This dodecahedron heart is hardened,
thirty sharp points to punish
whoever has to hold it
stellated star shining with knives
but a prize if you can
simplify it for me

A triangle between thighs
upturned arrow inviting you into the garden.
Evergreen trees,
with one large hand on my waist you
ignite a forest fire

I hide in the curve of my spine
keep signs in my eyes and
lines in my legs and
though learning takes time 
you study these shapes
with ardour 

Enough with the books,
the tests,
the calculations.
Instead, I will slot us together 
one square at a time
as we practice
my geometry.

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