A Year in My Town: January

January 1st 

It is the first day of spring and we are watching for its birth, when it
spreads its wings we must take shelter. I have spent the entire day 
planting the flowers like the farmer has been planting crops, I have 
sustained several bites that need dressing. I pray our harvest will be 
good as no offerings means no rain and no rain means red storms and red 
storms mean and red storms mean and red storms mean and red

Here are my resolutions for the year:

1. I resolve to fear nothing but myself
2. I resolve to not be unholy, foul smelling or coquettish
3. I resolve to be coquettish for the thing and the thing alone
4. I resolve to hide from the daylight
5. I resolve to hide from my true form
6. I resolve to capture as many bees as is allowed.

January 8th

It has birthed again. 

January 13th

A man has lost his arm today attempting to feed it, he has been provided
with whiskey and salt for his troubles. 

January 15th

The lake has unfrozen! It is time to visit the lady there to cry 
with her! (Do not touch her hand.)

January 20th

Today I went to get the paper. I discovered the lambs have begun their 
annual surge and I ran indoors. I locked the doors. Remain indoors. 
Remain indoors. I then had a cup of tea by the fire. 

January 27th

We are to reboot the old religion. To̥̖͈̱̯ͅ ̩̰i̭͙͓͚̞͓ǹ̜v̟̥̝̤o͠k̴͓͇̱̱̯͖͖e̬̘͓̳̱̪ ̢͎̤͖̝̣͔̤t͎̘̭̟̙h̙̤̜̹e̞͕̺̱ ͈͓̯̲̩̦͕h̹̣̘̤͕į͔͈̦v̸͎̼̣̘ę̺͈̞̫̭̻-̴mḭ̟̟̳̺͝n̡̩͉d̞̥ͅ

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