We were sitting. The dice throw of creation. 
Smooth stones covered in our first snow and ready to be trodden on. So put your footsteps into my back and

We were crawling. Now you understand why our hands are cold.
Wanting to be anywhere but here when it all started. When the world told us to move, 
belly to the ground. 

We were standing. Both hands tangled in hair and the air’s so cold up here.
Leafless tree limbs for legs, shaking in this new wind, watch them break.

We were walking. We plunged through the ice, pulled ourselves a path and
swam through concrete. Crying, wailing, begging to be warm.

We were running. The mist came in quick around our ankles, obscured the faces we were thankful to hide.
Frost bit the feet that had no feeling left. Your etherised hand found mind and it froze there.
We ran to the top of the world.

Now we're waiting:
Breathe for me baby, it’s a brand new day.

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