My stomach rolls like these pulsing waves
Fractions of bark pull up my fingernails
And this drumming
(This goddamn drumming)
Threatens to crack my skull and spill my secrets
Lily white and shivering like a tree
I’m storing bruises beneath my eyes
Can’t you see them sparkle?

Your minor notes haunt me,
These piano keys that play themselves will swallow me up,
Bathed in wonder and despair,
When my soul lifts and I feel like crying
          Feel like dying
Feel my heart seize and stop - bile rise in my throat,
Because of your sickening poignancy 
Your sickening nostalgia,
And for something I have never even known.

Drown me in this music,
Hold my head down while I thrash and pull at your trousers,
Make me into something,
Or burn me up in incandescent arpeggios,
Kill me when I’m here 
And miss me when I go

Are these the final notes of a song that send
Wolves running for the moon
Baying for one last chorus,
The blaze of a lightbulb when it breaks,
Is enough to make you shriek,
Sing for me in all your fury,
Tell me your tragedy,
and I’ll return the favour with lumps of graveyard dirt
I bring a fester of ghosts to pin on everyone I love,
When I run out 
I find more.

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