Hey you…

…Yeah you,
You are not perfect,
You are the blot on the copy book,
You are all those mistakes,
You are the fantastic flaws,
That make you so unique.

You are living, breathing poetry,
A work of art,
And all the sunrises in 365 days, 
You are heart and soul played badly on your best
friend’s piano,
You’re the kiss that causes someone
to fall in love.

You are also a hunter,
Stalking the plains for prey,
You show those teeth to anyone who dares tell you different,
You are lights flashing,
Planes crashing, 
Fire and brimstone,
Closed fists and bloody knuckles,
You are vitriol,
Veins pumping battery acid,
And you can fight off anyone if you have to -

(Trust me.)

You are independent,
And don’t let anyone steal you time,
If you aren’t at least a planet in their solar system,
You are strong,
You are brave,
You can do anything
- And I will always be proud of you.

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