Abigail’s Manifesto

I write this for myself,
And everyone else,
Who wakes up some days and loves themselves,
And others,
Doesn’t want to roll out of bed,
Do you sing into your hairbrush?
And talk to yourself?
Make resolutions out loud that you’ll never keep,
But whisper the ones you know you will,
Do you dream of cutting your hair,
Cutting your losses,
But stick around because of the other arms that envelop you,
I’m feeling alright now,
Are you?
Do you dream of islands and the antarctic,
Is there someone with you or are an Earhart?
Do you want to fling paint against your walls?
Read every book under sun,
Learn about the rainforest,
Swim the world,
Skim the ocean,
And beg the sun not to melt your wings,
Do you want love?
Or fortune?
Or the means to an end?
I promise you, like me, you can find it friend,
Be an architect who builds nothing,
A artist with a fear of the pencil,
Or an actor who cannot show his true feelings,
But be you,
Be nothing but you,
Do not wait for life, 
Make music!
And watch how the time flies by,
Cherish yourself,
Love yourself,
Catch yourself when you fall,
And when life gives you lemons,
Wear limes.

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