Window is open,
Legs dangle over the sill,
Trapped by fear,
I can't plunge into the unknown,
But below me your cigar grins,
An uncaged creature who
paces the streets in the night,
But I’ve seen scars on shoulder blades,
Where your wings were ripped out,
I know you fell from grace,
But were you pushed or did you

If I hadn’t seen you move,
Fluid in the night,
I could have sworn you were stone,
Cold, callous,
No fear for the passing of time,
And a brusing strength to crush,
Any who oppose you.

Well I tried not to care,
About anything,
With corrosion and wit,
Suffer pumping through tired veins,
I’ll keep running until my legs are bloody,
Or at least I’ll try -
My strength is in myself,
I am no one’s burden

If I’m to jump from this window,
I’m afraid it’ll be into your arms,
Now the weather has turned dark,
Water sliding down your hair and hanging from the edges of your cheekbones,
-And I throw myself,
Unlike you I never had wings to start with,
I’ve never felt the feeling of flying,
But I’ve fallen one million times before,
So I know,
When you hold me,
And mould to the bones of me,
You were never stone,
(But you could act it alright),
And I could have never fallen alone.

As the rain continued to pour down,
We both came to understand,
That our masks were only ever made of paper.

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