Run Rabbit, Run

Sit down,
Lie back,
Shut your fucking lips,
Rabbit in the headlights,
Small and bony hips,
Driver won’t stop,
Can’t stop,
Has to have your pelt,
Wants to wear you like a glove,
Crawl inside and feel you melt,
But hush up,
They won’t hear you,
But they smell your stinking skin, 
Salt and sweat and liquor, 
Blind hands peel off all your limbs,
Don’t even try to shout,
Your nose is twitching no,
Because your tongue has been cut out,
Noosed up,
Gutted quick,
You're a Butcher's main aesthetic,
The persistence of your flesh,
Is burning and pathetic,
You’re spitting blood,
Spitting gore,
The farmer’s got his gun,
It’s your fault; you left the warren,
So run rabbit, 


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