Creative Writing

Manchester uni,
Fifteen places, but that's it,
Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.

The Fridge

I open the door,
But nothing has changed, no food,
My tears flow freely.


Fluffy the hamster,
In sawdust he hides plans for,
World domination.

Which is it

Some call my writing,
Insightful, to others it's,

2500 BC

I find peace in rain,
Ra, the Egyptian sun God,
Smites my insolence.

Look like Crab, Talk like People, Crab People, Crab People.

In the near future,
The crab people will rise up,
Crustacean war-fare.


Awake in my bed,
Pulled to open the window,
The moon calls for me


Brave as a lion,
She does not show fear as she,
Devours her young.

97% Sure

Bodies in bin bags,
Powdered lime on window ledge,
Suspicious neighbour

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