Based on alt-j’s ‘bloodflood’.
There is a man standing on the beach. My heart is racing as I make my way across the shore. My palms are dry but as each awesome wave crashes down on its reflection, my face is flecked with water.
Breathe in. Exhale.
I see the pier, shining lights radiating from the Ferris wheel at it’s centre but I’m not near that pier.
It’s miles away and I’m standing on cold sand.
The sun is just beginning to rise and, even though I can’t see it anywhere, it’s pushing blue luminescence through the clouds and coating everything in morning. The lights of Blackpool bleed into an opulent mess when reflected in the water, they keep bleeding until they dissipate into the current and are dashed on the shore.
Another wave breaks and the someone I’ve been staring at walks closer towards me, hands in his pockets.
Breathe in.Exhale.
My eyes dilate as he gets closer.
Tongue swells.
Veins accommodate for the sudden rush of blood.
The cold water hits my face again like splinters of ice. I keep my head down and walk on, now I can hear us both making footprints in the sand as we close the gap.
I couldn’t look up to offer a smile. My teeth were clicking. Knuckles white with fear.
He breathes in. Exhales.
When he asks me for my wallet, something sharp pokes through my shirt, his knuckles are white with fear. I’m standing in the surf, my right shoe fills with water.
A wave, an awesome wave, breaks.
Adrenaline pulses, my body is lighter fluid.
I live for fight or flight.
My white knuckles push him backwards, his knife glints as it spins from his hand before falling into the mirror of sea where it is lost forever.
Tide out. Tide in.
His jaw locks with the loss. The sand is hard packed and hurts my back when I land on it. One of his hands balled up in my collar, the other demanding to be noticed as I take hit after hit.
Whales slap the sea. Thunder cracks overhead. The whole pier collapses and is lost to Atlantis.
Blood flows freely from a bite inside my cheek, my nose, my lips. Inside, a flood of blood reaches my heart, colour rushes back to my knuckles.
Soon, my wallet and keys are gone and I’m finished, skin tingling, broken and bloodIEd. My arms hurt so bad and my throat is closing up but I’ll be okay after two paracetamol and a packet of frozen peas.
Flood of blood to the heart.
Tide out. Tide in.
Breathe in. Exhale Spit.
I look up and see the first sliver of white light break through the clouds, I shade my eyes against the unrelenting clarity.
I smile, teeth loose, blood crawling into the cracks between them.
Another awesome wave crashes down on me.

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