Wake up.
To the sound of the world caving in, to the sound of your dreams collapsing and dissolving further from the recollection of your startled mind.
Staring, blackness and you can’t remember what even roused you in the first place until it comes again.
Light flashing inside your room, inside your head, bright enough to make you blink twice and yelp like a frightened animal because that’s all you are. A frightened animal.
As the thunder rolls out it’s tongue and laughs you are trapped, you are nothing, you are an insignificant in the wake of the thunder. It walks all over you and you cower, you show it your fear when you draw your duvet close and it cackles again.
The rain scratches at the window and begs to be let in, it’s just as afraid as you are but the room is alight again with the electric fire of the sky and you know it’s too late for anyone or anything but yourself.
You are safe, in your house mades of bricks and mortar, it may huff and it may puff but it will never blow your house down.
The rain eases off and a silence grows between your heavy breathing and the rest of the night, everything is calm and slowly you are asleep.
But thunder isn’t done.
And this time you wake up screaming.
Wake. Up.

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